Monday, March 26, 2018

Grow your business with Animoto

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 Have you always wanted to create slideshows and videos from your own personal pictures but just don't know where to begin? Are you worried that it won't come out looking good at all?
Then I have the perfect tool for you! Animoto!

Simple and easy to use, make your slideshow look like a professional made it.

Check out what I made with my free trial of Animoto

This slideshow was so easy to make thanks to Animoto.  To get started, you get to choose from a variety of templates, about 50 different styles. You also get to choose from over 1000 different soundtracks to suit your video. What's great about animoto is that if you already have picture online on your social media sites, it can grab it for you, less hassle.

Animoto is also  perfect for business and marketing. Marketing videos allow logos, custom brand colors, advanced text control, voice-over, and pre-built story boards. Perfect way to showcase your own business.

It was so easy and fun to make my own video with a slideshow, imagine how productive and simple it will be using Animoto's Marketing video builder?
Step by step tutorials to increase your business marketing strategies and be able to spread the word through video ads that you made yourself!

Creating advertisments with Animoto's marketing video builder is straightforward.

Select a video storyboard from a list of pre-built story boards or start from scratch.

Add your own photos, videos and text to customize your video ad.

Once you're completely satisfied with the outcome, produce your video and share!
Simple as 1,2,3.

So whichever product you want to go for, slideshow videos or marketing videos, Animoto offers you the best tools to make the perfect slideshow or video.

Get started now!
Click on the links below to take you directly to Animoto.

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