Sunday, January 21, 2018

Epic and fun learning with interactive books for kids

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Reading and learning with my kid has turned from being a nightmare to a very enjoyable experience for the both of us thanks to Epic! Books for kids! 

Epic definitely means Epic, because this app is amazing and stands out!

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My 7 year old loves it and can't wait to get to other books he wants to start reading. We both love how you can highlight any word on the screen and it will give you the meaning, my son loves the pictures as well and this neat little feature where you can unlock achievements based on some actions you do on the app! Amazing!

Epic has a huge library! So many choices to choose from and so many books to read, my son is so excited saving the lists of books he wants to read with me!

My only question to myself is why didn't I find out about Epic earlier, when it was a constant struggle to get my little one to read and actually enjoy and understand what he's reading and to be honest, I find Epic! Monthly subscription a real bargain considering all the advantages it has been to me and my son.

Interface is very kid friendly, just like reading an actual book on the screen. Flip through pages or go back a page with a click of a button, highlight words that you want to know the meaning of and it will read it out to you and give you the meaning.

Epic! Book for kids is worth getting a subscription to. I was given a 30 days free trial to Epic, we definitely love it and went ahead and got a subscription! That's how great I find Epic! to be.

If you want more details or want to go ahead and subscribe go ahead and visit below.

Play Store: Install now and read FREE for 30 days

App Store: Install now and read FREE for 30 days


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