Friday, November 17, 2017

Clothes that stay new, longer! Dryel

Hello lovelies and welcome back to another day in my life with Dryel. Guess what? I recently received my new Dryel care pack in the mail and it came just in time for Florida's fall/winter season! I know all of y'all are thinking, Florida? Winter? There's no such thing! Well let me tell you, it gets really chilly in Florida. Don't get me wrong, i use to live in a state where it can go below 0% on some days so i should really be use to the cold by now. But Florida mornings are different, yes it can be 60 degrees out but i'm guessing all the humidity is making it feel way lower than that and makes the chill stick to your skin.

Now it's time to get all of our winter clothes out of the boxes and time for us to get ready for the cold!I'm pretty sure by now you are all aware of the benefits of Dryel and all the details about how to use it and it's cost over getting your clothes professionally dry-cleaned. Did you know that Dryel won't shrink/stretch/fade sweaters, jackets, denims and all other garments.That means the only reason you will have to get rid of your clothes is if YOU outgrow them heheh.

Have you seen Dryel's new packaging lately?

This is the new and improved starter kit look, better design but still does what it's suppose to, which is keeping your garments fresh, clean and like-new at less the price of getting it professionally dry - cleaned!

Just like i mentioned earlier, i received my care package from Dryel just in time to get ready for the fall/winter season here in Florida. Finally sorted out all our boxes during our move from New mexico to Florida and found our winter clothes.

keeping our garments clean and fresh has always been a simple process with Dryel and now it's going to help out with our winter clothes, which i can guarantee wont shrink/fade or stretch any of them.

Getting introduced to Dryel has been a blessing to me. I get to spend more time with my family, save money and our clothes actually stays new longer. It might sound corny, but Dryel and it's benefits has definitely shown itself in our daily lives, and i can't imagine going back to getting our clothes dry cleaned when i can do it all at home for a fraction of the cost!

If you are interested in getting a starter pack of Dryel, click on the link below where  you can order from Amazon.

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