Visiting New Orleans

When you say New Orleans, the first thought that comes to mind is Mardi gras. We tend to overlook the historic places New Orleans has to offer. 

We took a day trip to new Orleans a few weeks back, our main reason going there was to bring my mom to the Casino but of course we can't miss the opportunity to do a little sight-seeing while we were there.

Initial thought of new Orleans? Traffic and crowded. Streets are full of out of state vehicles and sidewalks full of tourists. parking is hard to find and of course once you find one it will definitely be a paid parking spot. 

 The infamous Bourbon street

tour buses are everywhere

Once we found a good parking spot, we started walking around the city. 
We visited Saint Louis Cathedral, the oldest cathedral in the United States.

street performers were busy doing their thing on the side walks while tourists like us happily watch them perform.

We also walked along the Mississippi river, there were some ferries that toured down the river but we didn't have enough time to ride on one.

 the Mississippi river

Our brief and short trip to New Orleans was fun, we do of course plan on going back when mardi gras happens, looking forward to that!

 Harrah's casino

The Riverwalk

Stay tuned for more new Orleans, LA. pics when we come back.

Love, Joy.


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