Dryel, FULL clean clothes at HALF the price!

Welcome back to another wonderful day in the life of yours truly. As some of you all  may already know by now, I recently moved to Florida and  I'm loving every single day of being here.

My kids are now in school and both are doing great, I have also found a job that I do love, a Monday to Friday job so I still get to spend quality time with my kiddos :)

And of course, this is Florida, there are so many things to do and see, and we make sure we get to spend our weekends exploring Florida. 

And yes, we also found  a place that we can call home, nice and comfy and conveniently located near the place I work at and also my kids school. The only downside is it doesn't have washer and dryer hook-ups. But I don't really worry much about that, I have Dryel!

So after work on Friday, me and my hubby do the laundry, kinda like date night but in a laundromat, haha! So we always have a weeks worth of laundry that we do, normal everyday clothes and our work clothes. We gotta make sure tho that our work clothes are always looking new and clean and smelling fresh, don't want to be caught off guard with wrinkled or soiled clothes.

That's why we have Dryel to thank for. Who needs those expensive dry cleaning services when Dryel can do the same job at a fraction of the cost. I am pretty sure most of my readers and friends are aware of how fond of Dryel I am and how much it has made my life a whole lot simpler and also helped me save a small fortune by not having to go to the dry cleaners for my clothes. 


Just to refresh your memory, For a mere fraction of the cost of getting it professionally done, you can clean your clothes at home for $9.99 with a Dryel Starter kit that can clean up to 20 garments! A refill pack costs the same and can clean up to 40 garments, That alone is a lot of savings in your pocket!

So if you're a frugal mom like me or just wanting to save time and money, Dryel is perfect for you. There should be no other excuses not to use Dryel, and the bottom line here is, Dryel will keep your clothes clean and looking new all the time for the fraction of the cost of getting it professionally cleaned.


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