Monday, August 7, 2017

$8.88 Jeans at Crazy8!

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The start of school is finally here, Either your kids started school last week or will start heading back to school this week we all know how busy these last minute shopping for school supplies and outfits took a toll on us parents! Whether you think you got everything they will need, trust me, you will always find something that you totally forgot to buy for your kids!

I was pretty confident a few days before the official start of school that I got everything that they will possibly need. Well I was wrong! School supplies - check, school bags - check, school clothes-ooops! 

Spent a day or two rushing to get shoes and clothes for my boys, oh my it was crazy! Store were full of last minute shoppers and most of the sizes that my kids wear were already out of stock! Eventually everything worked out fine

But I promise, next school year, I am going to write down everything I need to buy for my kids and do my shopping a lot more earlier, way earlier. I am also going to see if I can do my shopping online to get away from the crowd of shoppers and get their stuff online from sites like Crazy8.

Crazy8 is an online paradise for kid's clothes and outfits. They offer the latest styles and very cool designs. Quality and affordability at it's finest. They always have amazing back to school sales so your kids will look their best when school starts. You can mix and match and choose from styles that will make your kids stand out!

Here's something that caught my attention, Crazy8's new denim collection. Based on what I have read about it, Crazy8's denim collection is comfy and durable, styles that fit great and will last longer, and any parent out there definitely understands how fast our kids can go through a pair of denim jeans.

Better yet, they have a back to school sale for denims! 
$8.88 for denims with code C8PARTY , who else can top that? No one! So go ahead and check out Crazy8's new denim collection and shop til you drop!

I am definitely going to take advantage of this sale and I am pretty sure I will make Crazy8 my one stop shop for my kid's clothes!

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