Sunday, July 30, 2017

In Search of the Perfect Car

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Oh the excitement and joy of the search for a new car! I still remember the feeling like it was yesterday when we first purchased our family car. Weeks and weeks of searching for car reviews online looking for the perfect vehicle that will fit our needs. What color it should be, how roomy the front and back seats are, it is good on gas? Any bad reviews about the car? Recalls? Now I remember the frustration and tears that came along with looking for the right car for us!

 We are a family of four. Me, my hubby and our two kids, a 11 year old and a 6 year old. We are not ready to join the elite group of minivan owners and don't really see the need for an SUV just yet so a four door sedan was what we were in search for. Something to take us from point a to point b without using up too much gas but at the same time, roomy enough for comfortable long drives.  Safety and dependability is also top on our list when we bought our car. 

After a few weeks of looking around and doing research we narrowed our results down to a couple of cars.Now that we had a few cars in mind to choose from, off to the dealership we go. After test driving and full inspection of the features of the vehicles we had in mind, we finally made a decision. A Chevrolet Cruze. Fuel efficient, great reviews for safety and plenty of cargo and interior space. After a few hours haggling with the dealership, we walked out the dealership's doors with car keys in hand and drove off the lot!
Welcome to the family!

It was a long and tiresome process but it was all worth it. It there are any regrets whatsoever, it's that I didn't know about back then.

What is It's a wonderful online site where you can look browse through vehicles for sale and also read about their reviews and specs. Aside from browsing through their database of cars for sale, you can also find service centers and dealers! Needing to sell your vehicle? You can also do that!

Now if only I knew about when I was first shopping around for cars, I could've skipped the time-consuming google searches and looking for reviews online. Finding the perfect dealer is also as easy as 1-2-3.

The process is simple, search for vehicle by year and model within a specific location and it will give you all the options to choose from.

I am so glad i found out about them, now looking for our next car will become much more easier!

Till next time, Joy.

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