Monday, July 17, 2017

Earn While You Blog

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the  links, I’ll receive a little commission at no cost on you.

For whatever reason it may be, you're starting to  notice that you are finding more time on your hands that you may be wasting on a daily basis. How about putting all that extra time into good use. Earn some extra money on the side.

You finally got some friends to convince you of online opportunities. You started your own blog, now what do you do? Can't think of any interesting topics? Then moneterize your site.

Before thousands of thoughts go running through your mind on how it will be just a waste of time or you don't really know where and how to begin, let me explain it all.

When I first began blogging, I didn't have anything going through my mind aside from sharing some of my personal experiences and journeys in life, including travels. Later down the road of my blogging "career", I stumbled upon some sites that showed me how to make extra income on my blog so I started to try it out. I ended up using ShareASale because I noticed that I was actually making some money through blogging.

What is ShareASales? It is an affiliate network which consists of two categories. Affiliates and merchants. A merchant is a company or people who share you the opportunity to promote their products or sites and pay you (the affiliate) to do it. Which answers the other question of what is an affiliate, the affiliate is you (the blogger) who gets paid everytime you share their products or whenever people click on your links to buy items from them.

                                    How to sign up and start using ShareASale:

Visit ShareASale's website and sign up as an affiliate, edit your profile and start searching for merchants that you can blog about.

Most of the links on the site are pretty much self-explanatory. Just make sure you complete your profile and the required information then start searching for merchants and of course, start earning money!

Here are a list of some of my favorite merchants that I have worked for in the past.

1. Blurb -          
2. Cricut -
3. CustomInk -
4. Gymboree -
5. Little Passport -
5. ModCloth -
6. Reebok -
7. Stella & Dot -
8. Tea Collection -
9. Warby Parker -
10. Gymboree - they are offering $15 blogpost now (7/17- 7/31) 
For Merchants:
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