Moving to Florida with Dryel

Hello and welcome once again to another day in my life with Dryel, this is a milestone, why? Read on.

Me and my family opted to take a huge step in our lives and recently moved to the Sunshine state, Florida! With just enough savings in our accounts and a lot of determination, we took the risk of starting from scratch in a state that we know nothing about except from what we read and see on the internet and hanging on to the belief that in bigger cities comes better opportunities.

So far so good and we are loving it. Found an apartment and finally settling in. Got our basic necessities that we need in our new apartment except for two major appliances, a washer and a dryer! So for the meantime we religiously go to the laundromat once a week to wash our clothes. No biggie. Clothes we wear everyday are washed at the laundromat. But, I need a job and of course along with job hunting comes those interviews that I need to loook my best. So what do I do? I wear my best clothes! How do I keep them looking nice and clean, and also fresh and new? Dryel!

Remember my fondness for Dryel from my posts going way back? Well, yes I still use Dryel.Job interview after job interview after job interview! I have to look my best. Instead of going to the dry cleaners to get my "interview" clothes cleaned, I use Dryel and use it everytime I do my normal laundry at the laundromat. With  just a fraction of what it would cost if I got them professionally cleaned, I save time and money at the same time. No more going out of my way to go to the dry cleaners and waiting a few days to pick them up, all it takes is a normal dryer cycle for me to get them clean and fresh looking. 

I thank Dryel for giving me the freedom to do more with my time and being satisfied with the results. Don't forget what I mentioned before in my other posts about Dryel, a $9.99 (SRP) starter kit can clean up to 20 garments, that alone is savings in itself compared to the dry cleaners.

Oh wait, before i forget to brag, there's actually more. I also have this on the go Dryel stain remover! Perfect for those little accidents when I'm already out and about. Coffee spills, food stains, lipstick marks? Whatever it is my Dryel pen will take care of those stains right away while on the go! No more embarrasing stain moments during job interviews, yay! Easy and simple to use for a no worries, stain-free day ahead!

So if you haven't given Dryel a try, what is stopping you, it's a choice you won't regret.

Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaner Starter Kit - 4 Loads
Dryel On-the-Go Stain Remover (6-Pack of Stain Remover Pens)


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