Sunday, April 16, 2017

Online shopping with Shopback

I really don't categorize myself as being a fashionista but I do love dressing up in stylish clothes. I normally go for style over brand, even if it's not really a popular brand as long as I love how the clothes design and feel when wearing them. But don't get me wrong, I do like well known brand names but not the prices. So if I can find a good deal at stores or online, I take advantage of it.

Deals, coupons and discounts from these brand names websites are awesome and easy to find, but what about if tell you that I know an site that you can go online shopping with and find the same or much better deals BUT also be able to earn money? Hard to believe right?A site that puts all of your favorite brands and stores in one easy shopping place with the added benefit of earning cash back every time you shop! That is ShopBack Phillipines

Before I get started on how awesome ShopBack is, let me show you how it works
After signing up on the link below, image will direct you to sign up page.

 you can start shopping your favorite sites and start saving.

 Over 1000+ of your favorite brands on one online site, just browse for what you want.

Shopback Signup
ShopBack brought most of your favorite brands in one site for easier access, all you have to do is click on your favorite site, shop like you normally do and start earning. 

Shopback Signup
ShopBack gets commissions from these site but they give it back to us shoppers by cash back!

It shows you right away how much cash back you will be getting. No more guessing!

Pay out will reflect in your account within 48 hours, then all you have to do when you want to cash it out is, request cash out (once you reach P300 in cashback) and confirm payout and it will go directly to your bank of choice or to Paypal, so convenient! Do note it may take up to 60 days for cashback to turn redeemable. 

Can't be any simpler than that! Want me to make it a little more easier, how about if I bring up some awesome deals that you may like? Go on a shoe frenzy with Melissa Shoes sale or check out Forever 21 seasonal sale. Not to mention, ASOS fashion inspiration this season is bound to make heads turn. Check out the following stores!

Melissa Shoes sale 


Forever 21

Those are only a few, browse and discover all the discounts, deals and promos you can get through ShopBack including the added perks of earning cashback, what are you waiting for?

Don't miss out: Get PHP100 when you register at Shopback, join now!

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