Roadtrip: White Sands National Monument

During one of our day trips to Rui Doso to go to the Inn of the Mountain Gods, a beautiful hotel and casino located right next to the Mescalero lake, we decided to drive a few more miles going to Alamagordo, new Mexico to see White Sands.

A little information about White Sands. In the heart of the Tularosa Basin you will be able to see one of Nature's greatest wonder, White Sands. Dune after Dunes of Gypsum sand covering an area of about 275 square miles. 

Part of this area is also a missile test site for the air force and there is a base located near by, Holloman air force base. 

It was a beautiful sunny day when we arrived at White Sands, it wasn't hot which made it nice to walk around the sand barefoot. 

Fine Gypsum sand make up the White Sands park. A few searches on google says that this area use to be a lake.
Miles and miles of white sand

 People flock to this place to witness first hand the beauty of nature.

 My kids miss the beach so much that they were very happy playing around in the sand. Their attempt to make a sand castle was unsuccessful tho because there was no water around.

Just relaxing and enjoying.

 They sell little round sleds at the gift shop for those who want to go sled down the dunes, my kids were happy to just run and roll down them.

 Where's the beach?

Taking it all in. Life is wonderful!

The park is open til 8pm but they stay open late when it's a full moon. They also let campers stay here, but you need to get approved for that. 

I love finding these places worth going to in New Mexico. It just proves to show that you can find beauty and happiness anywhere, just have to know where to look. 

For those who want to go, here's a little more information about the park.
Entrance fees:
Adults 16 and older: $5
Children: Free

White sands is open year round except for December 25, They will also close unexpectedly due to unsafe road or severe weather conditions. They may also close the road into the monument for periods up to three hours dues to missile testing.

More up to date information can also be found at their official website.

Join us on our next adventures, Destination: America.


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