Dryel 101: At home dry cleaner

Are you getting tired of your favorite pair of jeans fading, how about that expensive shirt that fits perfectly shrinking after each and every wash? Or  you just don't find the time squeezing in going to the dry cleaners to drop of your items and picking them up at a later date?

Well I'll let you in on of my my secrets. Save time, save money and make your clothes and garments last longer and keep on looking new. 


Dryel, at home dry cleaner! With a portion of the cost it takes you to get your garments professionally cleaned, you can do this in the comfort of your own home.

What is Dryel and how does it work?
~ Dryel uses a patented process for dry clean only clothes and special garments. Using your dryer, the heat activates the cleaning solution in the Ultra cleaning cloth that releases a steam that penetrates and cleans your clothes, getting rid of body soil and odors.

How long does it take to clean clothes with Dryel?
~ There is two ways of using Dryel. A 15 minute process to quickly refresh and renew clothes and a 30 minute process that deep cleans special clothes and garments without the harsh chemicals used at dry cleaners.

and the number one question i bet you have in mind is:

How much does it cost?
For about 25 cents per garments and less the hassle and cost of making a trip to the dry cleaners, Dryel is definitely affordable to use!


I will get more in-depth in my next posts about Dryel, including actually use and my personal opinion of the product, will get more in-depth with images as well, but for now, i just wanted to get the good news out to you as fast as i can and introduce you to Dryel.


Here's a sneak peak at Dryel Pens, because spills can happen anytime and anywhere, Dryel pens will help you get rid of those stains on the go! I will also be reviewing the pens as well. I have been using Dryel for about a year now but it will be fun to come back and make an update of my reviews and opinions from a year ago.

Come back when i go hand-on with Dryel and post my personal reviews about this awesome product.


  1. This sounds amazing! Does it smell like honey? You will like to see more fun from here.


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