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Roadtrip: White Sands National Monument

During one of our day trips to Rui Doso to go to the Inn of the Mountain Gods, a beautiful hotel and casino located right next to the Mescalero lake, we decided to drive a few more miles going to Alamagordo, new Mexico to see White Sands.

A little information about White Sands. In the heart of the Tularosa Basin you will be able to see one of Nature's greatest wonder, White Sands. Dune after Dunes of Gypsum sand covering an area of about 275 square miles. 
Part of this area is also a missile test site for the air force and there is a base located near by, Holloman air force base. 
It was a beautiful sunny day when we arrived at White Sands, it wasn't hot which made it nice to walk around the sand barefoot. 
Fine Gypsum sand make up the White Sands park. A few searches on google says that this area use to be a lake. Miles and miles of white sand
 People flock to this place to witness first hand the beauty of nature.
 My kids miss the beach so much that they were very happy pl…

Dryel 101: At home dry cleaner

Are you getting tired of your favorite pair of jeans fading, how about that expensive shirt that fits perfectly shrinking after each and every wash? Or  you just don't find the time squeezing in going to the dry cleaners to drop of your items and picking them up at a later date?
Well I'll let you in on of my my secrets. Save time, save money and make your clothes and garments last longer and keep on looking new. 

Dryel, at home dry cleaner! With a portion of the cost it takes you to get your garments professionally cleaned, you can do this in the comfort of your own home.
What is Dryel and how does it work? ~ Dryel uses a patented process for dry clean only clothes and special garments. Using your dryer, the heat activates the cleaning solution in the Ultra cleaning cloth that releases a steam that penetrates and cleans your clothes, getting rid of body soil and odors.
How long does it take to clean clothes with Dryel? ~ There is two ways of using Dryel. A 15 minute process to …