Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Celebrate Acts of Kindness

I stumbled upon this awesome site that celebrates acts of kindness, it's pretty cool!
With that in mind, you can send random acts of kindness through this site and here, kind = a healthy yummy snack bar.

The name of the snack bar is called Kind, I recently received two and they are very delicious.

What I have here in hand is dark chocolate almond and coconut snack bar. Definitely healthy and yummy. What better way to reward kindness than through a yummy snack right?

Do the kind thing for your body, your taste buds and your world!

If you can think of someone you know who deserves being rewarded for being kind, I suggest you go ahead and visit and send someone some kindness. Easy site to navigate and pretty straight forward.
Spot someone being kind.
Send them a #KindAwesome card.

and there you go, the #kindawesome card is redeemed for a KIND snack and now they have the opportunity to pay it forward, a way for kindness to be passed on from one kind person to another!

So go ahead, visit and pay it forward. I did.

Spot a kind act, give a KIND snack!

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