Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Quick, affordable & certified cell phone repair service at your door from CellSavers!

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Two of the worse feelings in the world. First, that moment your heart skips a beat when you accidentally drop your cellphone and second, picking up your phone after dropping it and seeing the screen shattered!

uick, affordable & certified cell phone repair service at your door. Schedule now!

Now when reality kicks in and you get over the initial shock of seeing your phone's screen shattered comes the realization that you need your phone and you can't live without it. So you think to yourself, do i really want to spend over $500 dollars in purchasing a new phone or just get it fixed? But you're a busy body and don't have time to bring your phone somewhere to get it fixed and wait so what would be a better option?

Cellsavers? What is Cellsavers?

It's a cellphone repair service that goes to you! Yep you read it right? They go to wherever you are and will work on your phone. Just schedule an appointment and they will show up at your door in around 30 minutes!


Perfect for those of us who just don't have the time to go somewhere to get it fixed and wait and especially perfect for those who have kids and can't go out to get their phone's repaired!

Click below to schedule your repair:

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