West coast roadtrip: Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

I have been living in New Mexico for a year now. Been through all four seasons and crazy weather changes, travelled miles and miles between towns discovering the beauty of this state. I have yet to visit every town in new Mexico but i have indeed been places. Like someone once told me, i have been to more places in New Mexico than they have after living in New Mexico for over 20 years.

This month i went to Albuquerque to experience the world famous Hot air balloon fiesta held yearly and this year it happens to fall on my one year anniversary living in New Mexico. What better way to celebrate being New Mexican then going to watching hundreds uupon hundreds of hot air balloons filling the sky up with beauty.

So on the opening day of the event, October 1, 2016. me and my family woke up early to make that 3 hour drive to Albuquerque. We left Clovis about 1:30am and arrived at the Cottonwood mall around 4:30am. We heard about how bad the traffic gets during this event so we took a bus from the Cottonwood mall to the park where the fiesta was held. 

The event coordinators in my opinion were organized. We left Cottonwood mall 15 minutes after we got there and there were ALOT of buses ready just waiting to take us spectators to the main event.

We arrived alittle before 5am, it was still dark but the park was already crowded, we looked around for a perfect place to sit at while waiting for the opening ceremonies. It was so crowded that we just kept on walking until we found an empty space on the side of a road to stay at. 

A little before 6am, Lights started filling up the sky. It was sooo beautiful! Then we also started seeing the hot air balloons on the side starting to fill up and take shape so we walked towards them to get a better look.

It was soo beautiful being able to witness them taking form and getting ready to take off. Watching the flames light up the balloons while they're all preparing for the first take off of the day.

Let me just remind you, for those first timers like me going to the Hot air balloon fiesta and you want to catch the first show, either take the buses that they provide or come really early and don't forget to bring a jacket! It is extremely cold in the morning.

 Look at all these balloons getting ready for take off!

Getting excited!

After the first set of balloons took off and filled the sky with beauty, one after another they started getting the other balloons ready. Expect non stop take off of hot air balloons through out the day.

The Albuquerque Hot air balloon fiesta was a fun experience for us, witnessing this special event for the first time. I am so glad we decided on going there.

The star-spangled banner played while this one was taking off.
God bless America!

 Concession stands and other activities filled the entrance of the park. Plenty of things to do aside from watching the balloons take off.

 Filling up the sky with beauty!

Thousands of locals and tourists  amazed at the fiesta.

 My kids were having such a great time!

 Albuquerque Hot air balloon fiesta


This event goes on for a week, we only went there on the first day. Im pretty sure every day of the event will be crowded with people but i can honestly say, it's a once in your life experience that you have to see.

So when one day we decide to live in another state, i am so happy that we go on these little roadtrips through New Mexico, because this is the first state in the US that i called home and i will forever regret not being able to get to know it if we do plan to move to another state.

Til next time, Joy.


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