Saturday, October 8, 2016

Bouchard Belgian Chocolates

I am a chocolate lover, I crave for chocolates all the time, creamy, milky chocolate bars. Any brand, any kind, you name it i tried it. But there's one type of chocolate that I usually avoid and don't really try out that much, that is dark chocolate.

I never really enjoyed the taste of dark chocolate, it's an acquired taste that I really didn't acquire.

That is until I saw this ad on the internet about getting free chocolates in exchange for an honest review. Of course first thing that comes to mind is why not? So I signed up thinking all I have to do is give an honest review on my blog about the product and I get to eat chocolate, win/win!

After signing up, a few days later I got two boxes delivered to my doorstep filled with two bags of Bouchard Belgian Chocolates. 

They I open it up and read the label, Dark chocolate! Uh-oh! But of course I still need to taste it so I can give out my opinon of Bouchard.

 Packaging looks nice, reminds me of those expensive chocolates they give out at hotels.

Being a chocolate lover that I am, I went ahead and took my first bite out of it. Yum, so I tried another piece. Not bad at all, When I got to my 5th piece of Bouchard and realized I was actually loving the flavor and actually enjoyed it, i forgot that i still have to blog about it, so before i finish it all up in one sitting, here i am taking pictures of Bouchard and giving out my opinion of it.

Packaging is nice and presentable.
perfect bite sized pieces.
Yummy flavor which i was expecting not to enjoy but i actually did.

So to sum it all up, i was indeed surprised that Dark chocolate tasted this good. I think the bite size pieces made me enjoy it more unlike getting a huge bar of dark chocolate and getting tired of it right away.

If you are interested in giving Bouchard Belgian Chocolates a try, you can purchase it atyour local COSTCO.

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