Unboxing the iPhone 7

Today is the day that iPhone lovers have been waiting for, the launch of the latest and greatest iPhone from Apple. September 7, 2016 was the day Apple finally showed of to the world the next generation iPhone. September 9 is when pre-orders started and September 16 is when they finally launched the iPhone 7. 

Some subtle changes and upgrades since the 6s, not really noticeable until you get to play around and look at it in person. iOS 10 was also released on September 14 which brought a whole new look to the interface and some functions.

We are on Sprint's iPhone Forever plan so everytime there's a new iPhone we get to upgrade to it with a $30 fee per phone.

We picked this up this morning, launch day, and we were on of the 1st 100 customers so we were also able to get some free Incipio Dual layer protection cases, not bad at all! 

The following photos are taken with an iPhone 7

 We got the Rose Gold and Satin Silver iPhone 7 32GB models.

 Cosmetic changes include the antenna strip being moved to the top and bottom of the phone, A larger camera, and a better flash.

 They got rid of the head phone jack and the home button is not a physical button anymore. They added another set of speaker grills on the bottom and the earphone port on the top of the screen also has a built in speaker.

 Included are lightning headphone jacks but they were also nice enough to include a 3.5mm jack to lightning adaptor.

 Lightning adaptor

 Standard Lightning USB cable and power adaptor

 Free Incipio dual layer protection case

 What's in the box 

 Some outdoor shots

More outdoor shots.

Coming from a 6s, i would say it isn't that much of an upgrade, if you're still using an iPhone 5s and older generation models, i can say that now would be the perfect time to upgrade.

I'm not really picky on what kind or brand of phone I use, what's important to me is a good camera and easy to use apps. BUT, this latest iPhone really made me want it for one reason, Water-resistance! I have been waiting for this for a very long time, eversince i had my first water- resistant phone a few years ago. Now i wont have to worry about accidentally dropping my phone in water anymore! I'm glad they decided to FINALLY come out with this feature.

The camera is awesome! It's fast and colors are more vibrant, that's part of the reason why I also wanted to upgrade.
iOS 10 is pleasant on the eyes, looks really good. It didn't take me too long to get used to the home button. The haptic feedback makes it feels like you're pushing on an actual button. I guess it helps with the water-resistance of the phone but i havent actually tried dipping it in water, i'll leave that to those who have more guts in testing out that feature for now.

The speakers sound a little better than the 6s, louder and clearer and more defined, and getting rid of the headphone didn't bother me at all, i don't have any music saved on my iPhone because i don't listen to music that much. Hooking it up to my car is not a problem either since it also has bluetooth.

To sum it all up, I am very happy about upgrading to the latest iPhone and i don't have to worry about when the next iPhone comes out since I do have the iPhone forever plan.

Thanks for reading, Joy.


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