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New Mexico: Sandia Peak Tramway

Sandia Peak Tramway

Whenever we head towards Albuquerque in New Mexico, we always see a huge billboard on the side of the road showing off Sandia Peak Tramway but we never actually visited.  So one overcast day in September we made plans to go.

The Sandia Peak Tramway is an aerial tramway that takes you up to Sandia Peak, that's from an elevation of 3,100 ft all the way up to 10,000 feet. It's a 15 minute ride going up riding tram cars that can ride up to 50 persons, I was paying attention the the tour guide and these information I remember her saying. Each tramcar costs approxiately 1 million USD! 
There are two towers supporting the tram, all I remember her saying about the second tower is that it took 500 helicopter trips to actually build it.

A litle more information about what's at the bottom of the tram way before we talk about what is up on the peak. On the bottom, you will see a ski museum, a restaurant (Sandiago Mexican grill) and a gift shop. Of course the ticke…

Unboxing the iPhone 7

Today is the day that iPhone lovers have been waiting for, the launch of the latest and greatest iPhone from Apple. September 7, 2016 was the day Apple finally showed of to the world the next generation iPhone. September 9 is when pre-orders started and September 16 is when they finally launched the iPhone 7. 
Some subtle changes and upgrades since the 6s, not really noticeable until you get to play around and look at it in person. iOS 10 was also released on September 14 which brought a whole new look to the interface and some functions.

We are on Sprint's iPhone Forever plan so everytime there's a new iPhone we get to upgrade to it with a $30 fee per phone.
We picked this up this morning, launch day, and we were on of the 1st 100 customers so we were also able to get some free Incipio Dual layer protection cases, not bad at all! 
The following photos are taken with an iPhone 7
 We got the Rose Gold and Satin Silver iPhone 7 32GB models.
 Cosmetic changes include the antenna…

Playing with iOS10 iMessages

We recently updated our iPhones to iOS 10, the latest and greatest Apple has to offer to date. There a quite a few changes made to the interface but we just played around with iMessaging and here's a video we made, Just for fun.

We were not taking this video seriously but you can still see an awesome new feature iMessages got from this update. 
We will definitely come out with a serious review going in-depth with the new features once we get to play around with our phones more.

Stay tuned, Joy. 

Help Ethan Raise Funds For His School

I have always seen our schools as our second homes, we spend equal amounts of time at both places.
I feel so blessed being able to go to a school as wonderful as Zia elementary.
My teachers and friends are the best, and i would like to give back by helping my school raise funds which means a better education for me and for the future kids who will go to Zia.

 We will gladly accept all help possible, you can browse through the items we have for sale and order what you like. Not only are you helping my school, you are also helping me earn an amazing prize that i will enjoy.

I thank everyone who views this video and for those of you who are willing to help out and order,
i thank you.

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Thank you, Ethan.