West Coast roadtrip: Garden Of the Gods

Welcome to day two of our road trip to Colorado, destination Garden of the Gods. Join us on another day of our budget trip to Colorado, USA.


Garden of the Gods
"Given to the city of Colorado Springs in 1909 
by the children of 
in fulfillment of his wish
that it be kept forever
free to the public"

Our stroll around Colorado springs lead us to the search of free places to go to and this was on top of the list. A nice scenic drive up around twisted roads and landscapes to the top of a mountain, where every turn will feed your eyes with breathtaking sights. 

A popular destination for tourists and locals, hikers, bikers and joggers, this place is amazing. It should be on every ones top 10 places to see in the USA. 

The route has plenty of pull over sites on the side of the road for you to capture and breath in the beauty the garden of the Gods has to offer. 

The main parking lot will lead you to this, a concrete path to walk around the Garden of the Gods.

 These beautiful sculptured by nature landscapes are also popular among rock/mountain climbers.

 Standing on top of this cliff is a little kid! I admire his braveness!

Because we always jump for Joy when we see beautiful places.

I'm not sure how long the path is, we walked down it for about 30 minutes and decided to walk back to the parking lot, we didn't want to get the kids too tired since we still have some places to discover.

The Visitor center of The Garden of the Gods.
Has a gift shop, a theater, a cafe and some exhibits and whatnot's regarding the park including the history of it.

My husband found this part of the exhibit "entertaining"

 My boys at the gift shop

 Each little 3x3 square box is for every state in the US, and people pick their own state and drop in their donations since the park is free, that's alot of visitors!

 This little spinning wheel controls a big screen display that goes through pictures taken every minute for the last 12 months!

Stuffed animals showing what kind of animals are found within the park.

and just in case you get lost :)

The visitor center was fun to be in but we didn't really walk around that much, my main objective here was to purchase a snow globe and a fridge magnet, something I do in every state that I visit.

Such a wonderful place to go to and I highly recommend you visit it especially if you're already in the vicinity or driving through Colorado, you will not regret it.

 Please observe signs along the way, respect the park.


 Join us on our next adventures!

Leaving our mark in the Garden of the Gods. 

Hope you enjoyed reading through my experience of this park, join me on more adventures next time as we continue on with our search for beautiful places and roads that will lead us to happiness.

Join me on my next destination.
Love, Joy


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