West Coast Roadtrip: Manitou Springs, Colorado

Travelling doesn't have to come with a steep price. You don't have to spend too much to go out and explore. Of course people love to travel and make plans and itineraries to make the most out of their time, but like the saying goes, it's not about the destination, it's the journey and fun that matters. That's why i recommend that you step out of your comfort zone and make that spur of the moment trip to a place you have never been to before.

Welcome to Colorado sign

I'm going to give you an example of one of our spur of the moment trips to Colorado. I'm from New Mexico. My mother-in-law had an out of town trip to Florida so we drove her to the Airport In Lubbock, Texas. Since school starts the following week, we thought of how to make the most out of the last few days our kids were on school break. So we decided to drive to Colorado and explore. With limited budget and a days worth of clothes that we keep in our cars trunk for emergencies, we started our road trip. We left Texas around 9:30am and headed towards Colorado. We were positive that we wouldn't spend that much on gas since we have a fuel efficient car. We arrived in Colorado around 5pm and only making a few stops for gas. Expenses were at a minimum. We made three stops for gas and each stop only cost us about $10 worth, my husband stopped for gas every 150 miles.  We also made a quick stop for lunch and ate at Denny's. Coupon on hand and a discount from the waitress made our lunch around $30. Talk about saving!

Denny's. Kids meal for the kids and Sirloin steak meals for the adults, yay!

We pre-booked a hotel on the way just to make sure we had a place to stay for the night. Found a nice comfy lodge for $80 and i can say it was worth it, nice comfy beds and cool a/c will make it a good nights sleep.

The room we stayed in. Park Row Lodge, Manitou Springs.

So we got to Manitou springs around 5pm and decided to go out to grab a bite to eat. Ended up at McDonald's and just spend about $12 for dinner, not bad. After dinner we went to Historic Manitou spring and walked around. Kids saw a penny arcade so we spend an hour or two playing classic games. Tokens are worth 1c, 5c, 10c and 25c, I think we spend about $2 at the arcade lol. One of their pinball machines wouldn't stop giving out free balls so we didn't stop playing lol. 

 The classic games Pacman and Donkey Kong! 

Kids enjoyed these classic games

The Penny Arcade

After walking around and playing at the arcade we decided to call it a day and get some sleep at the hotel so we can also wake up early in the morning and explore more of Colorado.

Here are some photos of us walking around Manitou Springs.
 Where hemp is legal.

 Beautiful structures
 Old town or historic Manitou
 I love old towns and exploring shops and whatnot's

Tired from all the walking! I was able to pull up a few Pokestops (PokemonGO) while at it teehee

  It was about to rain so we were in a rush to get to the car.

There was way too much exploring to do and we only planned to stay for a day so that was it for Manitou Springs, tomorrow will be another adventure exploring Colorado Springs and it's majestic mountains. 

Historic Manitou Springs

All in all, Manitou springs was a really fun experience. Plenty of things to do and see. I wish we had a few more days to spend there, definitely we would check out all the places they have to offer. Breakdown of expenses, It was 470+ miles away and we stopped every 150 miles to fill up, each fill up was about $10. Hotel was $80, food and other expenses was about $50, we pretty much kept everything within our budget. Join us tomorrow on our next adventure exploring more of Colorado. Stay tuned!

Join me on my next destination.
Love, Joy


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