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West Coast roadtrip: Santa Monica Pier

I have always loved the beach. I grew up in a city that has it's fair share of beautiful beaches and even now that I live thousands of miles away from home, I still love the beach and always look forward to going to one when I get a chance.

Spring break of 2016, me and my family took a long roadtrip from New Mexico to California. Of course going to the beach was on our list of things to do and places to see especially in sunny southern California.
California was already love at first sight, Santa Monica Pier made me fall in love with California even more. Clear bue skies, friendly people and water that seems to go on forever.
What really amused me was the Carnival on the pier, walking up and down watching people do their thing, giving smiles to the tourists like us and to the locals,  go gaga with the fishes that were caught by the people fishing, enjoying the view and the moment!
My Kids had a blast, when it was time to leave they begged for a few more minutes, just sitting on…