Looks like i'm going to be visiting you more often

A friend of my husband told him about this buffet place in the next town so we went right away to try it out. It's called Hong Kong super Buffet and it's located in Portales, New Mexico. We didn't put our hopes up because he said the price was around $7 per person, so we were heading there expecting to see a few choices in this so-called buffet.

We got there around 11am, the time they normally open. Nice cozy place which was a plus. Got ourselves a table for 5 and was seated right away. Quickly glancing at the buffet tables, we noticed about 4 or 5 entrees and alot of empty containers, not even a few minutes later, they start bringing out more food. Went ahead and started off our first plates. Heading back to the tables for more, it was practically full, around 20 or so choices of entrees and meals!

In all honestly, the food was really good! I wasn't expecting this. It wasn't like some other asian places we tried that all the food tasted the same lol.

They didn't skimp on desserts either, cookies, pudding, mini cakes and different flavors of ice cream was ready for you after your main dish.

It was a trip well worth it. $7 per person and you leave happy and content. Can't wait till our next visit. We our five in the group three adults and two kids, our total bill came up to $39 including drinks, not bad at all. 



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