iPhone 6/6s handyarmor clear case

Ever since I got my first touchscreen smartphone I have been fond of using protective cases on them. When I first started using cases it was more towards cosmetics, cute looking cases with pretty designs on them. As time goes by and smartphones started getting thinner and more fragile, my purpose for a case was protection. Keep my phones looking new, keep scratches off of it and retain the resale value of the phone. 

Now that I have the iPhone 6s, I am much more worried about it now. It looks like a delicate piece of art with beauty I want to show off to the world. But I still don't have the courage to use my phone naked. 

Then I saw this opportunity to own a clear case in exchange for an honest review of it. So here goes:
it's called handyarmor.

First off, this case is really clear and thin. I get to show off the beauty of my iPhone without worrying about scratches. I'm not sure about drop protection because it literally is as thin as not having a case on my phone.

What I like about this case.

It's barely-there. So thin that it's like I don't even have a case on it. As seen above, mute and volume buttons are easy to access/push and they align up just perfect.

The bottom has flaps that completely cover the headphone jack and charging port, no more worries of dust bunnies collecting inside. It's pretty easy to open up the flaps and when they aren't open, they stay securely in place. I'm not really fond of having covers on my ports because I like charging and plugging in my earphones without having to open them up.

The right side has slots to attach a lanyard securely. Sim slot is completely covered and power button is easy to find and use. 

 One thing that I'm not fond of are the sides made to protect the screen. It does have a few mm for that lay on the table protection but it's barely raised that I fear if I place it on an uneven surface the screen will actually touch.
Another part that I dislike about it is the camera port. I'm pretty sure there's a little protection there for laying on the table but whenever I try to rub my finger on it, it seems like the camera lens is even with the case itself. 

This is what i love about this case. Crystal clear! I can show off my iPhone without worrying about scratches. It' a little bit of a dust magnet but it's fairly easy to wipe off. When it comes to drop protection, that i do not know and I won't dare to even find out. I'm thinking that because it is so thin that drops will shatter the glass. 

All in all I am pretty happy and satisfied with the handyarmor case. Designed to show off my phone's beauty and design while protecting it from the wear and tear of everyday use. For under $10, I can honestly say it's worth it. It does have a few cons in my opinion but the pro's balances it out.

You can check it out and order it on amazon, clicking on the images above will take you directly to it.
While you're at it, how about ordering a gift card for someone you love or use the gift card for yourself for easy, hassle free shopping on amazon. 

Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are based on my experience and solely my own.


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