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A walk at National Ranching Heritage Center

Spur of the moment destinations can be fun. A few weeks ago, I had an appointment in Lubbock, Texas. All we had planned for that day was to head to Lubbock, finish up my appointment and have lunch somewhere and then head back home to New Mexico. Well my appointment was at 9am, finished up in around 15 minutes so we still had a few hours to go till lunch. So I started googling places to go to in Lubbock and National Ranching Heritage center caught my attention. So we decided to go there to kill some time before lunch.

A museum inside the main building.

I really don't know much about this place and it's history but I guarantee you don't need to know that much to appreciate and enjoy it. Entrance is free, maps are given out at the main building so you know your way around the place. You learn as you go around exploring. These are mostly buildings and structures from back in the old days that were moved and donated to the center. Each structure has it's own story and yo…

iPhone 6/6s handyarmor clear case

Ever since I got my first touchscreen smartphone I have been fond of using protective cases on them. When I first started using cases it was more towards cosmetics, cute looking cases with pretty designs on them. As time goes by and smartphones started getting thinner and more fragile, my purpose for a case was protection. Keep my phones looking new, keep scratches off of it and retain the resale value of the phone. 

Now that I have the iPhone 6s, I am much more worried about it now. It looks like a delicate piece of art with beauty I want to show off to the world. But I still don't have the courage to use my phone naked. 
Then I saw this opportunity to own a clear case in exchange for an honest review of it. So here goes: it's called handyarmor.

First off, this case is really clear and thin. I get to show off the beauty of my iPhone without worrying about scratches. I'm not sure about drop protection because it literally is as thin as not having a case on my phone.


Old Town Albuquerque

Discovering New Mexico, one cool place at a time. Destination, Albuquerque, location: Old Town. New Mexico is a wonderful place filled with places worth seeing, when it comes to mind, it may seem just like flat land with nothing to offer, but New Mexico has deep history roots and exploring all these places is on my bucket list.
Old town Albuquerque is right in the center of Albuquerque. It's a majestic place. It's like a part of town where progress didn't reach, which to others may seem like a bad thing but I see it different. A place where walls, stores and features have their own story to tell.

It may look small but it has plenty of culture to offer.
 Across the street from the church. I picture this part being full of people at night, full of laughter.  One section of Old town, where arts and crafts stalls are located. Some vendors also set up stalls on the sidewalks, we went too early, most of the stores were still closed.  Stores on the second floor. Like an outdoo…