Thursday, January 28, 2016

Make some extra cash through Ibotta

    Found an awesome app that helps me make money by scanning items that are already on my normal shopping list. A bunch of stores participate in this so no matter where you shop, you should be able to find an item that qualifies on Ibotta.

   From Walmart, Albertsons, Target and other well know retailers, you will be able to save and earn alot.

    You can download the app on the play or apple store and register here to start, you'll also earn an instant $10 by registering on that link and verifying your first rebate.

    Once you have the app and registered, the earning will begin. There is a list of products on the app that will help you gain earnings, most products or items are those that we already use in our household so this will be a breeze. There's a list of stores on the app and per store there will be a list of products you will be able to use.

I have been doing this for only a little while but i watched my saving go up. There are a few options on how to redeem your earnings. One is direct deposit into your own PayPal account or you can convert your earnings to a gift card, there's a list of gift cards you will be able to redeem. Either way, it's still extra money all for yourself to use.

Here are a few screenshots of my earning.
 Confirmation email of my earnings and PayPal deposit.
 A couple of products you can use to start earning
 Another example of products you can use, and how much earnings you can get
A list of gift cards you can exchange your earnings for.

So what are you waiting for? Ibotta actually came up with a way for us to earn money, it's our part to take advantage of it and start earning back, register here and start earning!

This is not a paid advertisment, all opinions are based on my own opinions and use of Ibotta.

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