Cadillac Ranch

    Roadtrip! Destination- Cadillac ranch in Amarillo, Texas. Despite what the name says, it's not a ranch. it's a place where there are half buried Cadillacs, kinda reminds me of the Stonehedges only made out of Cadillacs. people all over flock to this site to get a glimpse of this man-made "sculpture. 

I live in New Mexico, around 1 to 1 1/2 drive to Amarillo. Above is the entrance to the Cadillac Ranch.

 It's basically a row of half buried Cadillacs. Not much to see or do here but i recommend it as a place to see atleast once in your lifetime.

 Empty spray paint cans are on the ground, it's well known that people come here to write there names all over these cars, or whatever design they want to.

 I wonder what stories these cars have to tell if they actually could. Thousands if not millions of people have already written their names on these cars and there are plenty more to come. The paint build up is already pretty thick on these cars.

 Tourists and locals from all over come here just to witness these Cadillacs. We came on a day that was pretty much dead, only a couple of people coming and going.
There you have it, a recommended destination if you're ever passing through Amarillo, Texas.

Oh yeah, entrance is free. This is located along the I-40 in Amarillo.


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