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Cadillac Ranch

Roadtrip! Destination- Cadillac ranch in Amarillo, Texas. Despite what the name says, it's not a ranch. it's a place where there are half buried Cadillacs, kinda reminds me of the Stonehedges only made out of Cadillacs. people all over flock to this site to get a glimpse of this man-made "sculpture. 
I live in New Mexico, around 1 to 1 1/2 drive to Amarillo. Above is the entrance to the Cadillac Ranch.
 It's basically a row of half buried Cadillacs. Not much to see or do here but i recommend it as a place to see atleast once in your lifetime.

 Empty spray paint cans are on the ground, it's well known that people come here to write there names all over these cars, or whatever design they want to.

 I wonder what stories these cars have to tell if they actually could. Thousands if not millions of people have already written their names on these cars and there are plenty more to come. The paint build up is already pretty thick on these cars.

 Tourists and locals …

Quick post: Going through my favorites.

Ever since moving to the US I have grown to love a few things and now I fondly call them my favorites. First on the list of my favorites is of course food, here's is my favorite place to eat and I'll also show you what I order EVERY single time.
It's not really my favorite restaurant but they do serve my favorite dish and they do it great.
Baby back ribs!  I've tried alot of ribs in my life and these are the only one that keeps me coming back over and over. I love how tender they make 'em and how fun they are to eat, totally finger-lickin' good.
Here's some other meals I have tried at Applebee's:  Steak and baked potato  Salsa and Artichoke dip with Nachos All American cheeseburger
there ya have it, one of my list of favorites. Standby for more. While I am learning more experiences here in the US, I will definitely build up a long list of favorites and will gladly tell you all about it.
Thanks for reading!