My Yerdle OOTD

   Received another package from YERDLE today and it was a decent size shipment. Got a bunch of preloved clothes today and what I love the most is the cool pair of NIKE air shoes. Here's a couple of pictures I have wearing the items I received today.
Chevron scarf, Cardigan, Wet seal shorts and Nike air shoes
 Jcp Stripe blouse
 I love these shoes
Nice preloved Jansport jacket
Pink tanktop
 Blanco sequence dress

What makes me happy about this is that i only got all of these for $125 Yerdle dollars. A great value considering all i got was in perfect condition. How do i make Yerdle dollars? Basically by selling my preloved items on Yerdle, you can also sell new items as well, whatever you don't need, post it on Yerdle. It's a nice feeling knowing that items you no longer use can still be sold and replaced with other items you want.Yerdle also makes sure you get you're items you bought by frequent email updates and reminders, all sellers i have dealt with have been honest and very quick when it comes to sending out the items. Kudos to a site like Yerdle for coming up with this great website and idea. Thanks also to Tina for these wonderful items and she even included a free tshirt for me, yay!

If you want to see how Yerdle works and also check out items, visit their site here.


  1. This is wonderful. I love Yerdle too. So happy to have you a member of the community!

  2. Thanks for sharing this Joy! It's great to see how you've styled the items you've gotten from Yerdle. I hope you inspire other people to take the time and care to show how pre-loved clothes can make extraordinary outfits.


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