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Greetings! It's been a while since i did a post about my gadgets so here's one about my latest phone. I recently had an iPhone 6 in Gold which my hubby gave to me in October 2015. It was a big step up from my old phone which was an iPhone 5c. From a 3.5 screen to a 4inch screen, a small difference in numbers but a huge difference hands-on.

Here is my iPhone 6 in Gold. Nice slim design with a bigger screen than it's predecessors. Fast user interface with the simplicity everyone loves in an apple product.

This was a big step up from the past generations of iPhone's. From a square glass body to a slim rounded body made of aluminum and glass. a 4 inch screen that fits 6 rows of icons and the fluid-like interface ios is known for. 

A month later, before I was even getting close to comfortable using this thin as a razor phone, I took a big leap and upgraded to the iPhone 6s. Not that much of a difference aside from a more durable body and faster processor, dimensions and looks were pretty much the same give or take a few mm added in thickness. They also stepped up the rear camera and the front facing camera to more megapixels. Front camera also has a flash feature for the perfect selfies. Another added feature is sub menu's, which pulls up a new menu when you press harder on the icons, not bad but it's a feature I will hardly ever use. 

Here's my new iPhone 6s in Rose Gold. Looks a little more pink which I love about it.

I got this phone through Sprint and my other iPhone was from Verizon. They had a good deal so I went ahead and upgraded. Cheaper monthly plan with unlimited data and i can trade this in the the next iPhone whenever it comes out, for free! Based on apple's pattern, they release a new iphone once a year so i pretty much got a good deal since i can get the latest and greatest iphone anytime it comes out. What i also love about Sprint is they paid off my existing contract with Verizon and gave me a better deal with Sprint! A win-win situation.

Here's more side by side comparisons of the iphone 6 and the iphone 6s.

 Iphone 6 on the left
 Iphone 6s on the right
 Looks exactly the same. A noted change would also be the 6 digit passcode instead of the normal 4 digits but i think that's just part of the ios 9 update. The fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 6s is also faster than the previous version.
Unnoticeable difference in thickness, iPhone 6s on the bottom

 Iphone 6 shot in dim lighting
iPhone 6s shot in dim lighting, not that much of a difference as well.

One more thing i also love about my upgrade is that i didn't have to buy a new case for my 6s, since they are similar in size, my old cases fit perfectly.

is it worth the upgrade, for me no, since i came from an iPhone 6. But if you're still using an iPhone 5 and lower generation, this is a big leap in technology from Apple.


  1. I know what I love the most from the 6 to the 6s is the camera! I can't wait to upgrade next year just for the camera and by that time it'll be whatever is after 6s LOL

    1. yeah the front camera is really clear, very detailed!


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