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The Land Of Enchantment (Hill Crest Zoo)

I recently arrived in New Mexico on the 1st of october. Moved in to a little town called Clovis. It's  really small town with not that many establishments but what i love about it is the beauty of nature. The fresh air, the endless fields of farm land.
I will start blogging about random things to do in New Mexico and it's surrounding states/towns. First off let me take you to a trip to the Hillcrest zoo.

It's a small zoo fit for a small town but it's a really nice place to spend a day with your kids enjoying nature. 

My son had a blast walking around the zoo, looking closely to all the animals they had and asking us what each and every one of them is called. 
The weather was nice and sunny but it was still cold out thanks to the wind and the weeks worth of rain that just happened.