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The Joy Of Being A Mother

I gave birth to my first son at the age of 18. Not by accident, and not out of wedlock. It was planned, it was a choice. Many would say that eighteen is way too early to have a baby, that i'm too young to take on the responsibility of being a mother. I never really looked at it that way, I'm not ready? It's alright, no one really is ready for their first child. You may think you're ready, but believe me you're not! It's a learning process, you take it one day at a time, you learn from mistakes, you learn from the heart, you do it all out of love, because that's where babies come from, LOVE. Tears of joy when i finally see my baby for the first time after nine months, priceless! Holding someone so precious in my arms, knowing that every single thing i do from that day on, will be for my kids. I made a decision to be a full-time mom, i want to be with them every single minute, guiding them, watching them grow, being there and watching them learn, i want to b…