Sunday, June 28, 2015

Gaiam Partnership With Give Back Yoga Foundation

Gaiam, Inc.

Gaiam from the words "Gaia" which means mother Earth and "I am." is the leader of the fast-growing yoga, fitness, and wellness markets. It's committed on providing techniques and tools for health and wellness solutions. From high quality yoga mats, balance balls, unique fitness gears, helpful and inspiring workout videos and many more. It has wide distribution network that consists of over 60,000 retail doors, 15,000 store within stores, and 5,600 media category management locations, and a digital distribution platform.

While guiding us to a healthier and happier life, Gaiam just partnered with the  Give Back Yoga Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, dedicated to making yoga available to those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to cultivate a regular practice- including at-risk youth and veterans with Post-traumatic stress disorder
   the said foundation embodies Gaiam's philosophy of providing "Yoga for Everyone" their goal is to empower 30,000 veterans to use yoga for achieving a healthy, peaceful and productive life.  Gaiam being a partner of the Give Back Yoga Foundation’s Light the Way for Heroes™ is contributing financial needs to help provide the proper tools to veterans so  they can practice and use yoga as a means of “navigating life after war" that will impact and improve the quality of life.

It's time to give back! Let's show our support to Veterans who are willing to give their life for us, for our country.  By donating $2 specifically to Light the Way for Heroes with every purchase on, we can help them in providing the proper therapeutic yoga toolkits including Gaiam Yoga Mats, practice guides, meditation audio and the like. 
Hundred percent of the donations will go directly to Give Back Yoga.   It will be a wonderful feeling if we see our Veterans living a normal life. Helping them cope out with all the traumatic experiences they've met, with proper tools and with our little help we can make a difference!

Show our love and care to our Heroes, Click here to shop Gaiam and contribute $2 to Light the Way for Heroes!

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