Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fill and Conceal Deep Scars Instantly With DermaFlage

Feeling self conscious due to acne scars? Or maybe you prefer to stay home because you're feeling awkward with those deep scars on your face. Yes it's true that age is just a number but you can't help looking older with those wrinkles and lines that starting to show up. Surgery laser and injections are very expensive remedies, aside from that you still have to bare with the pain they might cause you. Here's the answer to your problem, representing DermaFlage. Invented by a special effect makeup professional to instantly conceal recessed imperfections on news anchors, actors and movie stars which lasts for 36 hours, therefore it works better than make-ups.

Dermaflage is a silicon cover up that conceals recessed scars on face & body, deep wrinkles, box scar, rolling & icepick scars, MOHs surgery, frown & 11 lines, skin cancer,  chicken pox marks
c-sections, dog bites and even cleft palate, it is the first true topical filler which easily matches our skin tone and color that looks like real skin, how cool is that?! Dermaflage is waterproof and  very safe to use because it's clinically & dermatologist tested, hypo-allergenic, non- iritating and non- invasive. 

It's very simple to apply, here's the 3 steps on how to apply Dermaflage:

1. Apply the primer
2. Put on the silicone filler, 
3. Apply the tiny pad that looks like real skin and hold in place for just 1 minute.

Easy peasy right? In just 3 simple steps you'll instantly achieved that flawless and youthful glow like those of movie and tv personalities. Turn off your worries and be ready to show the world the youthful glow you have inside. Making you feel and look good inside and out. 

So what are you waiting for? Check out for more information and save 15% off starter kids with code: blog15 (valid through 5/31/15).

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