Sunday, April 5, 2015

Gifted: The Gift Of Choice

I saw an online contest on my Facebook news feed and didn't hesitate to join, Luckily, I won 1000 points that I can use on their site. That's how I found out about Upon seeing my name and to my excitement I sent them a pm right away and received a quick response giving me instructions and the voucher code, I was so delighted exchanging conversations with the admin, he/she was very helpful. I headed over to the site, the first thing the came on my mind was COOL! It's my first time seeing an online shop that sells Gift Certificates from a Brand, the idea is great! Send gift certificates to your loved ones of her favorite brand, giving  her the freedom to  shop what she wants.  If you don't know his/her fave brand or she's eyeing for a bigger things/dream, perhaps a gadget or dream getaway, the Gift Certificate for Money is perfect, giving them some portion of the funds they need.  I choose the latter, so I can use the money to treat my son who just graduated from Kindergarten to a movie date.

 Since it is a gift giving site, I registered my hubby as the sender and me as the receiver. By the way, "Gift certificate for money is sending the amount that is deposited into your recipient's bank account for them to buy the gift of their choice." After filling up the recipient details, you can also state your gift recommendation, it also comes with personalized greeting card and you can choose from, "send through Shipping Address"  or "Send through Email - printable PDF   (Free)"  for the delivery method, in my situation I opted to send it through my email. Payment options are through Paypal or Credit Card, Bank Deposit (BPI and BDO).  Since i won 1,000 free voucher I only paid 100 for the web admin fee. Gift certificate of money ranges from 100 to 50,000 pesos. I made a try and see if how much web admin fee I'm going to pay if I send 50,000 pesos and it appears that it only costs 250 pesos.

After order is completed in my hubby's account, I checked my email and saw the message from with a subject " A message from Gifted: You have received a gift certificate from xxxxx xxxxx" there's the greeting card in it and the redeem button for redeeming my gift. 

I clicked the redeem button that leads me on their site and required me to fill in my bank details where I wanted the gift to be sent. A system message appeared telling me to wait for five business days for the amount to be credited to my bank account. Also I received the email confirmation email below.

The order is dated April 1, 2015 considering that it's holiday, Im expecting to received it on April 8-10, 2015. Im so excited! I will update you guys when I received my money.

Know more about Gifted.Ph  (photo credits: Gifted.Ph)

Disclaimer: I received no compensation on this post. Opinions are based on my own experience

Update: I checked the ATM today and my 1,000 prize was loaded to my account :)

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