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Joy's Kare-Kare

I love cooking, sometimes I just think of the food and the ingredients and cook it without looking on any recipe books, I experiment and happily all my food experiments so far turned out good! Today I will show you how to cook Joy's Kare-kare, one of my specialty!

Ingredients: 1/2 kilo Ox tail cut into 1 inches each 1/2 Beef chunks 1 medium banana's flower bud 1/4 of a small Squash (slice) 2pcs Eggplant (slice) 1 bundle of Pechay  1 bundle String Beans (2 inch slices) 5 pcs Okra (slice) 5 tbps Peanut Butter 2 pcs Knorr Kare-kare mix in 40grams Shrimp paste 1 medium onion 5 cloves of garlic (mince) 5 cups of water

Procedure: 1. Boil the ox tail and beef chunks in a large pot until tender . Set aside and reserve the broth. 2. Saute garlic and onions in a wok. 3. Add the ox tail and beef chunks. Cook for few minutes. 4. Pour them back in the large pot, then get about 3/4 of broth put the 2 kare-kare mix, stir until it turns out liquid. 5. Put the sliced banana's flower bud and squash. Followed by…