Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ho! Ho! Ho! #MerrySMChristmas 2014

Christmas is just around the corner. Time for those busy Christmas present shopping, time for planning that huge Christmas dinner you will have with the family. I know the saying that we should spend each day like it's Christmas time but not everybody can do that. What about those OFW's who work throughout the year away from their families and only get a chance to go home during special holidays like Christmas? That's the reason why i believe that Christmas day is a very important occasion to celebrate, we can celebrate mankind and kindness everyday but let's save up Christmas for the family and to show them how much they mean to us.

I recall even back when i was still a little kid, SM was always the place to be at especially during the yuletide season. Whenever my mom and dad would ask where we would like to go during Christmas season, a loud "SM" is what we had for an answer! At SM, we get to hear mass with my family, eat whatever we want to have for a nice Christmas meal, the choices are boundless. We get to walk around seeing other families going along their way, also enjoying being with their family on these glorious days. Nothing beats the thrill of walking down those aisles whenever our parents would tell us to choose whatever we want as a gift, we spent hours just walking down each and every aisle picking out what we really want for Christmas, the happiness and freedom of getting what we always wished for this Christmas day. Don't forget the wonderful Christmas displays SM always have each and every year, giant Christmas trees, bright flashing lights and of course, the sled being pulled by reindeer's where we can happily get our picture taken and get to experience the magical stories Christmas has to offer.

Not that i am all grown up and raising a family of my own, the tradition of spending Christmas at the mall is still there, this is something i grew up with and I'm glad that whenever i look at my kids and ask them what they want to do on Christmas and that loud "SM" echoes through the house brings back those memories of my childhood and now i see myself through my kids. Christmas is always a time for our kids, it's their moment to shine and hopefully one day when i become a grandma and my kids have families of their own, the tradition of spending our holidays at SM will still continue on. The magical feeling that goes along with Christmas that only SM can bring to life and make you go back for years to come. The know what we want for Christmas and they happily and unselfishly keep their doors open for us during this fabulous season of giving and celebrating the birth of our saviour.
SM always comes up with ways to spread the happiness and joy throughout the season, making each and every Christmas a merrier one for each and every one. Rich or poor, SM is there for you to make you have and help you feel the wonderful reason for the season,

This year, SM cares has brought us a new reason to smile, Give a Bear of Joy today! Whenever you purchase a teddy bear worth 200, SM will give another bear to an orphanage or charitable institutions across the Philippines to help less fortunate kids who rarely get to experience Christmas have a magical experience as well. It is better to give than to receive but through this program, you're getting one adorable bear and somewhere out there, you're also going to bring happiness to another kid who will truly appreciate receiving one on Christmas, because that's what Christmas is all about, Children and the Joy in their hearts from receiving a special gift from someone who cares. On my last visit to SM, i went ahead and bought one for my son and seeing how happy he is having one, i can just imagine how happy the other kid will be when he gets his hands on one of his own too!

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Visit this site to know more about #MerrySMChristmas and learn more about how SM gives joy to the hearts of many.

This is how SM Supermalls prepared to give only the merriest Christmas for everyone! There are lots of surprises and activities lined up for the entire family throughout the season! 

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