Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Look Cool This Winter

Winter is coming to town! Time to rummage in your closet for those old coats to keep you warm, but hey you deserve a new one. Here's a coat that will definitely make you look cool while keeping you warm during this cold season, the  Oversized Lapels Tweed Coat from Oasap .  It's very versatile and you can wear it with any style you want.

                   Styles You May Want to Try With the  Oversized Lapels Tweed Coat (credits: Oasap)

1. Casual Look-  Perfect everyday outfit with leather leggings and sneakers for an updated silhoutte.

2.  Edgy and Sharp- perfect with moto boots and ready for a night out.

3. Office look- small, classic, yet simple. It's all about minimalist office style. 

What's more about  this Coat is the open front design, the chic oversized lapels for a modern structured take. The Slim Fit for a sophisticated casual look appropriate either for dating or office attire. It has boucle surface to keep you cool and rock this cold weather, chin up and set your wildness free with the Draping cutting feature. 

Look fabulous and stay warm, for only 44.90$ you can have the best of both world! For more details on this coat you can visit this link:  Oversized Lapels Tweed Coat

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