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For the love of mommies

One of the most noble "professions" is being a mommy. This is a responsibility you are never ready for yet you take it all in open-heartedly. No education degree, no training class in the world can show us or teach us how to become one. It comes from years of experience, yet you have to experience it to really learn how to be one.
Unlike doctors who can go through years of education to do what they need to do, being a mom gives you nine months to prepare yourself before bringing a little bundle of joy into this world. Nine months of anticipation and excitement just waiting for that moment when you can finally wrap your hands around your baby knowing their life/future depends on how you start raising them.
Kudos to all mommies out there doing there best to make things right. Doing what it takes to be the best mommy they can be! We do not get paid for being a mommy but the happiness in their eyes is payment enough.
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