Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Southtree - Memories Matters, Preserve Yours

Photos, Tapes, Films and Audios these are the things we use to record all the moments in our life, what we have caught on those things are unique moments that has it's own story and can never be done again.  But sad to say, most of the well kept memories had been damaged due to their age. Good thing there is Southtree,  it was founded to restore- to revalue what has been devalued. They preserve every photo, every movie, every moments by hand, making sure that they handling your memories with care and  remains to be the best digitization quality done in the United States. Trusted by the Pros, some of their client includes Disney, Fortune 500 companies, government organization and large companies. A 7,000 square foot production studio and forty  dedicated staffs with  great facilites like fiber optic connectivity, video surveillance and premise security . Safety is always a standard, every order is handled with care and with real time tracking. It's very affordable with a flat shipping rate regardless of the size and no additional charges. Southtree is really a great choice, offering the highest quality media services at an affordable price. 

 Memories matters, relive the moments preserve yours get 25% off any order Code: blog25 expires 7/15

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