My top 7 Summer-ready footwear

Summer is finally here, time for those long road trips, casual walks in the park, days spent under the sun at your favorite beach. A time for family bonding and spending precious moments with your loved ones.

Since it's going to be scorching hot during summer, remember to wear comfortable clothes for those travel destinations you have in mind. Don't forget about wearing comfy shoes or sandals for walking around with your kids.

Here's a top 7 must-wants for me this summer season:

Beautiful Flip-flop pure color sandals with elastic strap

Simple playful design that will look good with anything you have on this summer.

Cozy Monochrome Flip-flop with wooden motif insole

There's something about the wooden motif that makes it feel more like summer.
Perfect for strolling down the beach side.

Glittering gold Flip-flop toe sandals with rhinestone Heart shaped details

Perfect for a romantic dinner date with your hubby, will look grade for those casual evening wear you have on.

Graceful Flip-flop sandals with ankle straps and buckles

This would look great while you're sporting your favorite two-piece bikini at the beach! So cute!

Modern open toe sandals with buckle and metal studs

This caught my attention, it looks amazing, imagine wearing a pair of these, it reminds me of a biker chick look with a touch of playfulness.

Unique horse hair animal pattern upper flat sandals

This pair looks sturdy and comfortable enough for hikes through the mountain side or walking through shallow rivers while still looking fashionable.

Fascinating Flip-flop Sandals with button and elastic strap

Walking with your kids at the mall with these on will keep your toes comfortable and keep your outfit in style.

There you have it, my must-have styles for summer 2014. Because comfort and fashion whould walk hand-in-hand, wherever you may be and whatever you may be doing this summer. 

Happy summer 2014!

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