My favorite gadget: Note 8.0

I have been a mixed Android and IOS user for quite some time now. Having been able to use both operating systems on a tablet and on a phone, i personally made it a choice to go with Android. I currently use IOS 7.1 on my iPhone 5c and i am also running KitKat 4.4.2 on my Galaxy S4.

I love the simplicity of IOS but that's as far as it goes. I use my iPhone for it's main purpose now, calls and text, that's about it. All my other apps, games, social network apps are installed on my Note 8.0.

And here is my favorite gadget, the Note 8.0

With 2GB of RAM , 16GB of internal memory and a quad core processor, 
this little beauty is a beast.
The screen brightness is perfect, 
and this unit i have here is LTE and Wifi, i can make calls, send messages, 
emails or anything i like on the go, anytime anywhere!

This is my main reason for loving the Note 8.0. The stylus.
 It makes everything i do on this tablet easier. I have tried using an aftermarket stylus on my Ipad and iPhone but it's not as accurate at this one.

 Watching youtube videos full screen and in HD. Makes the experience much more enjoyable.

It can run processor hungry games like GTA San Andreas on full resolution without lags.

 Phone calls are loud and clear, i recommend using an earphone since it looks kinda silly having this huge tablet near your face.
 Sending SMS is easy thanks to the large display, handwriting recognition is very accurate even if i can't read my own handwriting.
Of course facebook, no more squinting my eyes to stalk profiles and view images, lol.

 It's pretty thin for a tablet with an 8 inch screen and a battery life that can last for around a day on normal to heavy use.
 Back profile, plain and simple. Camera doesn't have a flash but i really don't care since i haven't even opened up the camera app yet.
For those asking, here is how much it cost last March 2014. Not bad. It cost's more than an iPad Mini but worth every centavo.

So there you have it, my favorite gadget. This isn't a review so i didn't go down writing about it's specs. I merely just want to show you guys my tablet of choice for now.

Thanks for dropping by. Ciao.


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