Sunday, April 6, 2014

Lighten up your worries with Agnitus

I do not have any personal experience regarding Autism but i have enough knowledge to know what it's about. I really dislike it when people call it a disease, it's not! It's a disorder and it's not a child's fault if he/she has been diagnosed with it.

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I encountered my first mind opener about Autism when i got a chance to talk to one on my customers from my online shop. He bought a tablet from me for his daughter who has Autism, it was actually her third tablet, i was told she would break the tablets when she's having a bad day.

From what i learned through our conversation. They found out that she has Autism when she was around 2 years old. My customer told me that there are days when everything would go smooth,
 but there are days when she would throw a temper and break anything she can get hold of. 
The reason why they keep buying a tablet is because they noticed that she would calm down when playing with one,
 usually humming to some songs they play or videos they let her watch on it.

Autism is a long journey from childhood, travelling on a road of being a better adult in the future. It's a learning experience, both for the child and the parents.

Luckily there are companies out there who can help the learning/developing stages of Children with Autism.
Agnitus is one of those companies. 
A company that makes tablet applications for children's learning and education.
 They add the fun in learning. They have over 45+ educational games for children from 2-6 years old. 

Click on the image to learn more about Agnitus. It is available on android or IOS, so whatever tablet you have at home, it will work. 

You can also follow them on your favorite social media sites.

and on Google+
and here's better news, you should know that if you follow Agnitus on Google+, you will be entered in a contest to win an iPad mini, just by following them!

So if you know someone who has Autism, or would just like to have a better way of helping your children learn, visit Agnitus now and learn more about this wonderful application.

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