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Get ready to paint the town red!

Looking for a perfect number to stand out on date night? Or have about being the talk of the night when people see you at a cocktail party?  Well i have the perfect dress for you!  I have been on the net looking for a nice dress to wear when i go out on a date with my husband, and i stumbled upon this elegant dress on

This is called Seductive in Black Jewel Neck cocktail dress with illusion embellishment and it is awesome.  It's sexy, elegance,playful rolled into one!

The see thru back and sleeves adds a touch of mystery to it.  It comes in different colors to match your mood. Kindly click on the images to take you to the dress and the selection of colors available.
For $97.99, this dress is a steal! Worth every single penny!

How about shoes to go with this outfit? I have a couple suggestions for you to compliment how great this dress is.
Moderate round toe flats with rhinestones and metal spikes These flats will still look great with this dress and it's perfect …

Berna Beach Hotel and resort

Summer's here and it's finally time to make those plans to beat (or take advantage) of the heat. Looking for a place to spend a few days at without costing an arm and a leg? Tired of the over-crowded Tagaytay and it's hot spots? Then it's time to head on over to Batangas and check out this resort i discovered.

This relaxing place is called BernaBeach and it's located in Nasugbu, Batangas. Nasugbu is popular to people on the look-out for nearby beaches, without having to travel via plane or ferry. There's a strip of beachfront resorts located in Nasugbu and finding one with enough breathing room is a dime a dozen. 
From Tagaytay, it should take you about an hour to get here depending on how fast you're driving and the traffic, we're lucky we didn't run into any traffic on our way there, give or take a few slow moving trucks that are impossible to overtake.
Enter BernaBeach on your GPS device and it's going to tell you how to get there, and how f…

My top 7 Summer-ready footwear

Summer is finally here, time for those long road trips, casual walks in the park, days spent under the sun at your favorite beach. A time for family bonding and spending precious moments with your loved ones.
Since it's going to be scorching hot during summer, remember to wear comfortable clothes for those travel destinations you have in mind. Don't forget about wearing comfy shoes or sandals for walking around with your kids.
Here's a top 7 must-wants for me this summer season:
Beautiful Flip-flop pure color sandals with elastic strap
Simple playful design that will look good with anything you have on this summer.
Cozy Monochrome Flip-flop with wooden motif insole
There's something about the wooden motif that makes it feel more like summer. Perfect for strolling down the beach side.
Glittering gold Flip-flop toe sandals with rhinestone Heart shaped details
Perfect for a romantic dinner date with your hubby, will look grade for those casual evening wear you have on.
Graceful …