Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sitka, Great gears endorsed by ProGuide

Life shouldn't be just about 9-5 jobs, day-in to day-out of working. Life is about those moments that you can sitback and enjoy, some of these moments may pass you by if you don't look around and see what this wonderful world has to offer. So take time off from work, enjoy the great outdoors! Do what you love, go fishing, go hunting, go camp out and take a hike through the mountains. Explore!

Here's a company that can cater to all of those hobbies you wish to do. Sitka! Sitka makes the highest performing technical gear designed specifically for hunters.
Sitka is committed to using the best technologies, fabrics, designs, construction and partners. It's more than just quality It's a philosophy: Turning Clothing Into Gear! Sitka product designers are constantly testing and sourcing the latest textile technologies in real-world situations for waterproofness, wind resistance, durability, breathability and articulation. Only the most advanced, highest-performance fabrics and technologies are chosen for final production. The Sitka approach to performance hunting apparel is systematic. Constructing the most functional designs from the most technical performance fabrics and insulations, then combining them in various strategic combinations, Sitka systems withstand the exertion level, temperature, wind and precipitation of any hunting scenario.

Sitka offers great gears endorsed by ProGuide so you know this is good.

They have an ongoing promo that you really should check out.

20% Off sale & weekly giveaway! What more can you ask for? Just check out these items that will help you enjoy the great outdoors even more, knowing that you have quality gears on and you are protected!

That's just a sneak peek of what they have, just click on the images to take you to more awesome deals!

To sum it all up, enjoy life, go out and have fun but make sure you're in good hands and have on the finest gear, go with Sitka, you'll never go wrong!

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