Monday, March 17, 2014

Oncourt Offcourt, Leaders in fun and innovation

There are very few sports that that can really give you a work out mentally and physically and tennis is one of them. It's not really that easy to learn but once you get the perfect training and get the hang of it, it becomes fun and enjoyable. A great sport that makes you use you mind, exercises all the parts of your body, like i said, a great way to sweat and stay fit.

It a good thing there are companies like Oncourt Offcourt catering to all your tennis needs, from equipments to training aids, all the way down to training videos, they have it all.

This company is trusted by many and they are now celebrating 20 years, 20 years of excellent service! You know a company is doing good when they last this long in the business!

Check out a few of the items that they have in store for you.

(click image to take you to their products page)

Oncourt Offcourt founder, Joe Dinoffer, who is a USPTA and PTR master professional has also put up videos that will help you play tennis the right way in no time.

Here's a couple of his videos.

This is a training aid video using the Hit Zone. Using an unstrung racket, you can freely practice your swings while having fun.

Here's another video:

This video dispels some common tennis myths. This is about watch the ball myth.

(More videos here,click image)

To watch more of his training videos and tutorials, head on over to Oncourt Offcourt website here.

Hopefully y'all can visit Oncourt Offcourt, greet them a happy 20th anniversary and check out everything they have to offer. Watch a few of his videos and you'll be playing like a champ!

Thanks for viewing. Support Oncourt Offcourt, Leaders in fun and innovation!

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