Family staycation at Hotel H2O

We had a wonderful "staycation" last week at Hotel H2O in Manila. Three days and two nights of pure relaxation. Hotel H2O is located in the vicinity of Manila Ocean Park, a popular destination here in the Philippines.

It took around two weeks to get an available room and we ended up staying in their Aqua room. They offer different rooms which also differ in prices. The Aqua Room is rated at 11,700 pesos per day, check in time is at 2pm and check out is at 12nn the next day. The Aqua room is limited to two adults and two kids, visitors are allowed in the room until 10pm. After that, they will be charged 1,000 pesos. 

 This was our home for three days, room 3208.
 The highlight of the Aqua room, the wall is actually a huge aquarium. My kids would just lay there watching the fish swim by until they fell asleep.
 Room freebies, the usual. Hygiene.

 The 40" TV even has my name on it!
 With compliments
Our stay came with a set family dinner, breakfast, 30 minute use of their eco spa and hotbed, gym, tickets to Manila Ocean park's Dry encounter.

 Food and spa vouchers 
 Makan Makan, excellent food!
 Dinner Family set meal.   (Pork Sinigang)
 Kilawin Tanigue
 Crispy pata!
Pork Tocino, eggs, fried rice and fruits.

Makan makan has great staff. Service was fast and with a smile. Our drinks were always being filled up as soon as we finished a glass. 

 When you want to work out and burn those calories that you gained, they also have a gym complete with all the equipment you will need. 
 Burn, baby, burn!

 Reading the instructions lol
 Check-in guests also get to use their pool. This is the only part that i dislikes about the Hotel. It's called Hotel H2O but this is all you get for as a pool. Small and crowded. It's located right next to their rooftop in full view of a grandstand where people watch the Manila Ocean Park's sea lion show.
 You really can't do any swimming here, you might bump your head on the pool's bottom or on the sides.
 Anyways, it was still fun especially on Manila's hot and humid days. 
Zenyu eco spa
 Fish spa, where fish gently massage your body using their mouth :D

 Nice and relaxing
 Hot bed, it was hot! I thought my cellphone was going to melt!

All in all it was a very relaxing three day stay. I had my pampering time, we had great meals, kids had a blast. I'll leave you off with more randoms pictures of our stay at Hotel H2O.

 Breakfast at Makan Makan
 Holland America Line cruise ship
 Lobby of Hotel H2O
 Fresh fruits
 Aqua Room. The bed was huge, nice and comfy.
 Aqua Room. The bathroom was clean and complete with shower, blow dryer, hot and cold water.
 Enjoying cartoons and Dairy Queen
 Whitemoon bar and lounge

 Great food

 Shhh. Do Not Disturb!
 Manila Sunset
 Makan Makan
 Busy little kid
 Pool time
 My family <3
 Light and fountain show, Manila Ocean Park

Thanks for viewing.

If you would like to stay at Hotel H2O in Manila, visit their website for more information.

Hotel H2O is a member of World Hotels.

Here are their room rates.

(click on the image to visit their website and to learn more about Hotel H2o)


  1. Ive heard a lot of good reviews from that hotel. And based on your photos, they are indeed one of a kind :)

    1. We had a blast! Thanks for dropping by <3


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