Saturday, March 8, 2014


I remember back in the days when i was a kid, all i had for entertainment and education were just toys and books. Kids nowadays are so lucky. Iphones, tablets, gaming consoles at their disposal. These gadgets are so high tech that kids would just completely forget about their studies and immerse themselves in a game.

Luckily a company called Agnitus came along. They bring the fun back into education. Agnitus is an application that has over 50 games and skills. Helps developing our kids minds and skills much for faster. Here are a few of their contents.

These apps are so great that they bring back the fun in learning. So many options to learn from that your kids will spend hours learning.

Agnitus even has this cool feature that keeps track of your kids development/improvement. It stores your kid's recent activities so you can check up on how good they are doing.

I'm positive as a parent myself on how greatly this app is. I have also tried it out and it's very simple to use. Playing on a tablet makes it more fun so kids won't get bored easily.

All of this for only $6.99 a month, very affordable considering the benefits this will bring to you and your kids.

They also offer a free 30-day trial if you want to test out Agnitus yourself. Just click on the image below and it will take you to the sign-up page.

If you care about your kids happiness and education, please try out this application.
You won't regret it.

Thank you for reading my blog and hopefully, you;ll give a visit real soon.

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What are Common Core Standards?

  • These new standards are a departure from rote memorization and "teaching for the test" that have not been effective.
  • Common core develops complex reasoning and critical thinking skills that are essential to success both at the university and professional level.
  • Agnitus is the first and only app designed for the new common core standards that are being adopted by schools nationwide.
  • When your child excels in school, they're going to enjoy learning and want to do more. Agnitus enables this hands on play based learning. Get them started today with our free trial.

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