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Change begins with me. #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014

The Philippines. Seven thousand one hundred and seven wonderful islands. Natural resources and beautiful landscapes that other countries could only wish they had. Not to mention the Pilipino's. Hard working, full of so much talent in any field that you can think of. Always a smile on our faces no matter what problems we may be going through. Strong-spirited with hearts and minds that never give up.

     Where did we go wrong? The places and faces that people all over the world dream of visiting. The skills and charm, powerful singing voices that can swoop anyone off of their feet. Natural resources that should be reeling in a large amount of income. Hard working people who can adapt to any job thrown at them. Did i also mention of our magical beaches, combine that with the perfect sunny weather and you have yourself thousand upon thousands of tourists willing to spend money just to enjoy what we have.

     That's a question that plays over and over in my head, i already …