What did you do today?

Laptops, Personal computers, Tablets, smart phones, the Internet. All these gadgets were made to make life a little more easier, more convenient and more fun,entertaining. But nowadays these are also the stuff that eats into our time, keeps us preoccupied, makes us spend less time with our families and what we love doing.

There comes a time in our life where we should just drop what we're doing, jump in the car and go somewhere you have been dreaming of, put down that cellphone and pick up your baby and show him how much you love him. How about getting on that merry-go-round with your son or take your husband or wife out on a date? Have that #OreoTime moment with your family, enjoy it. OreoTime? What is that you might be asking. 

Oreo Time (OT) is about carefree moments of childlike delight with loved ones—seemingly ordinary moments that become extraordinary because they allow parents to be with their kids, and as a result, to be kids themselves. 

Wouldn't it be great to have some #OreoTime moments with the ones you love? Wouldn't it be also great if you can get rewarded for those special moments that mean so much to you and your family? Well guess what? you can.

www.oreotime.com (OreoGetDunked) is having this cool promo. The race to 1,000,000 time-ins! All you have to do is share those special moments. 5 lucky persons will get the opportunity to take home a Sony PlayStation 4! Cool! There will be milestones along the 1 million mark where the person with the most time-ins will win this awesome, yet to be released console.

Just head on over to www.oreotime.com and upload pictures with the hashtag (#OreoTime) and each valid entry will take you one step closer to winning the PS4. You can also visit their facebook page (www.facebook.com/OreoGetDunked) and use their app.

During November 9-11, they have added more surprises. For every 10 valid time-ins, you automatically get to win a special edition Oreo watch. You can upload a maximum of 50 time-ins for a total of 5 watches!

OreoTime has been extended up to December 15, 2013. the race to 1m time-ins will  be up in no time. So what are you waiting for, upload those moments now! Oh wait, even better news! Each valid upload is equivalent to one cookie and one cookies is equivalent to one raffle ticket for a chance to win a trip for 4 to LegoLand in Malaysia!

Spread the news!

(photos courtesy of OreoGetDunked)


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